Complete solution for restaurant or cafe automation

The r_keeper program is a universal tool that allows you to effectively manage key tasks in an institution. The system automates all business processes – from the application to the supplier to the delivery of the finished meal to the client at any facility from street-food to fine-dining
The configuration of the system depends on the size of the institution and individual characteristics.
The main part of the r_keeper solution includes a cash register – r_keeper_CashDesk and a manager – r_keeper_Manager. The functionality of the basic modules allows you to automate the main work in the institution: prompt acceptance and calculation of orders, adding modifiers (comments to the order), as well as dividing the check by the number of guests, will allow your employees to focus on working with the guest and maintaining a high level of service.
The warehouse accounting module – StoreHouse allows you to fully automate the production / kitchen management process, effectively manage cost and storage, properly organize purchases and monitor staff actions.
For quick acceptance of an order with a guest, the r_keeper program provides a separate module – Mobile waiter . It provides a reduction in time for receiving an order and an increase in restaurant turnover by more than 10% during peak hours. The module also works via Wi-Fi and is ideal for summer areas.
For the convenience of the kitchen staff, the institution can also be equipped with video displays with information about accepted orders, their contents and additional comments, which greatly helps in work and reduces the time for cooking.
For regular guests of the institution, the r_keeper system has developed a personal discount system r_keeper_PDS – a guest interaction management system designed to increase sales, develop marketing research and improve the quality of service. The program provides automation of all types of loyalty programs: discount, bonus and deposit, in any necessary combinations and combinations.
The owner or manager can remotely control the work of the restaurant in real time using the WEB monitoring software module .
You can learn more about the capabilities of the r_keeper system and the presented program modules here .