For the automation of hotels, pensions, recreation centers and other accommodation facilities, UCS recommends using the modern Shelter v.2 hotel system  .

Automation of the hotel with the help of this hotel system allows you to effectively manage all business processes of the enterprise and maintain service at the highest level. The Shelter  information system  integrates the work of the reception desk, sales and marketing departments, receptionist, accounting and financial departments, business and catering services into a single information space, making the business transparent and controlled.

The hotel management system Shelter v.2 solves the following major tasks:

  • automation of hotel reservation and accommodation services,
  • hotel internal resource management,
  • support of a unified system of cashless payments for guests and customers,
  • automation of the hotel’s current activities,
  • maintaining a database of guests,
  • multivariate analysis of hotel activities,
  • interaction with other systems.

The Shelter hotel system   fully meets all the requirements of Russian legislation on the hotel automation system, this includes protecting personal data, working with fiscal registrars  authorized for use in the hotel business,  and registering foreign and Russian citizens with uploading data to the FMS.

The Shelter v.2 system interacts with the R-Keeper restaurant management system  , the SPA and fitness zone automation program –  Subscription , ReserveMaster payment system. It also integrates with the Channel Manager WuBook and Travelline Channel Manager sales management systems, allowing you to directly manage multiple sales channels directly from Shelter.