Water park automation is carried out using the Subscription program .

The main task of enterprise automation is the use of technical means and control systems that relieve a person partially or completely from direct participation in the processes.

Implementation for the water park:

  • fast access / exit system that does not require a registration card for each guest
  • control the number of occupied lockers. The possibility of booking them.
  • flexible setting of tariffs: depending on the time of day, day of the week, time spent in the complex, age, tariffs for several visits, hourly, unlimited, etc.
  • the ability to attach multiple identifiers (card, bracelet) at the same time
  • the possibility of using the electronic wallet system on the territory of the complex
  • communication with external programs for restaurants, warehouses, accounting, etc.
  • differentiation of guest’s recreation areas by cost, restriction of access by turnstiles or other access control systems
  • issuing rental to the guest (circles, balls, life jackets, etc.). Control of the quantity and time of use of items issued.
  • notification of debts and ending customer subscriptions.
  • the possibility of replenishment of the account (information kiosks with bill acceptors in the territory of the water park, info terminals)
  • subscription purchase
  • balance information
  • Guest account replenishment
  • Additional Information