_OneTwoDrive is a solution for the operational service of motorists in fast – food through a three-window system.  How 3 windows work:


  1. Reception of the order can be arranged in several ways:

> window with the operator (scheme No. 1)

> receiving device (scheme No. 2)

> operator on the street with a mobile terminal (scheme No. 3)

Near the place where the order is received, a monitor can be installed that shows the guest his order, current product offers or advertising. 

  1. Thedriver moves to the payment window, where the cashier sees the already created guest order and only accepts the payment.
  1. The window for issuing an order provides for the possibility of placing the order with the status of “parking” at the peak hours of restaurant loading.

The r- keeper system in OneTwoDrive format successfully works in the restaurants KFC-Auto, Burger King, as well as in the Magburger cafe and Country Chicken at the gas stations of the Neftmagistral network.