Most enterprises with a number of employees from several tens and above, using integrated information management systems in their organization, ignore such an important link in the enterprise as the corporate canteen. Regardless of whether employees are catering on their own or with the involvement of third-party catering companies, the process is usually controlled by outdated methods, through manual recordings and manual planning and control. This inevitably leads to a large number of accidental or intentional errors and abuses, a decrease in the speed of the food process and the degree of its flexibility, and a deterioration of control over the financial flows of the enterprise.

Due to these factors, enterprises strive to automate their organization of corporate catering with the help of specialized software and hardware systems. And the R-Keeper automation system   is an excellent solution to this problem. Leading banks such as Sberbank and VTB, and many large industrial enterprises use it in corporate catering.

The hardware-software complex R-Keeper automates the implementation of such functions as:

  • diner visitor identification
  • calculation of the cost of ordered dishes
  • accounting for employee compensation for expenses
  • consolidation of all process data into a single database

Using an automated power management system removes many problems and gives tangible benefits:

  • canteen service accelerates
  • reduced burden on the canteen workers
  • greatly facilitates the use of various systems of discounts and compensations, including individual
  • accidental and deliberate violations of regulations, abuse and fraud are excluded
  • the corporate food production process becomes completely transparent.

The last point deserves special attention. In the case of manual accounting with entries in paper journals, control over the financial costs of employees and the enterprise is difficult: the higher the accuracy of accounting is required for control, the higher the burden placed on the workers of the dining room, and the more the process of serving visitors is hindered. If control is required over a multitude of eateries, especially geographically dispersed, the task is complicated by the inevitable decrease in efficiency and reliability. The automated system allows you to immediately transfer all the data to the accounting department, receive reports of any form for any period of time, fully control the financial costs of the enterprise and effectively plan them.

Using the R-Keeper CRM guest loyalty management system  , the company has the ability to flexibly work with compensation for the payment of meals to employees served by individual cards from the company’s account. For some employees, you can set a daily compensation limit, the excess of which is paid by them independently in cash or by credit card. For individual employees, on the contrary, it is possible to set unlimited compensation. Additionally, for each employee, you can enter a limit on the number of transactions per day.

The program contains all the necessary reports on corporate nutrition, with data on each person, orders and payments.