The entertainment center in its traditional form is a lot of disparate attractions and slot machines, access to which is carried out using game tokens. It is precisely because of this fragmentation that the management of gaming halls, the control of financial transactions occurring within them, and the receipt of reports on past periods of activity are greatly complicated. Automation of the entertainment center, as well as automation of any enterprise, can significantly reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of management and monitoring, which ultimately allows to increase the profitability of the gaming establishment.

Automated control system for entertainment center  Game-Keeper  development company  UCS  integrates all existing play equipment to a single computer network under the control of a central server with the appropriate software. Thanks to this integration, gaming machines can be relieved of their own payment mechanisms – game token receivers, which often cause the machine to fail. Now the visitor, instead of tokens, receives a plastic card at the checkout with a certain amount on it, which gives him access to all machines and attractions. Such a mechanism significantly simplifies control over the work of the cashier, and fundamentally eliminates the possibility of selling access to machines bypassing the cashier.

The staff load is also reduced: there is no longer any need to remove game counters from machines and count at the end of the working day. The use of various bonuses, promotions, including individual ones, boils down to the elementary introduction of the necessary parameters into a program that has a simple and intuitive interface. From the central control point it is easy to track the current load on specific machines and attractions, as well as enable or disable them. It becomes possible to reduce the number of employees.

The complete centralization and automation of the entertainment center provides a level of monitoring that is unattainable for traditional forms of management. All actions, all operations performed with gaming equipment, are recorded and entered into a common database, from where it is very easy to get them in any form, for any period of time. Such detailed reports allow not only to learn about the violations that have occurred, but also to develop a more effective marketing policy due to the comparison of the popularity of slot machines and attractions.

The guaranteed result of automation of an entertainment center on the basis of the Game-Keeper hardware-software complex is to reduce enterprise costs and ensure the most effective control of its activities, which, with proper management, contributes to a significant increase in profits.