To automate the fast-food network and increase the speed of service, as well as stimulate additional sales and increase profits, the developed technology from r_keeper allows you to effectively manage production at all stages of activity.
UCS collaborates with leading fast-food network companies: KFC, Burger King, Subway, Cinnabon, Country Chicken, Texas Chicken, Sushi Shop, Wokker, Marukame and many other customers, which allows developing new efficient technological solutions.
Taking into account the world experience of the r_keeper program for managing fast-food establishments, this makes it possible to choose the best from a wide range of solutions and optimize business processes, such as:
• a modern interactive solution that allows guests to by themselves, bypassing the checkout counter, choose dishes from the menu on a separate terminal and pay for their order here with a credit card – a self-service kiosk ;
• reduced time for entering an order into the system, thanks to flexible settings of screen forms, allowing the cashier to place several orders at the same time, assemble combo sets and replace it with combos with one click of a button at any time when placing an order;
• using the electronic menu-boards , control is displayed for displaying information about dishes from the cash system;
• interactive order entry technology and cash registers with an additional screen for the guest , can increase the cost of an average check;
• a video monitoring system ensures reliable work of personnel behind the cash zone, controlling the production process;
• electronic queue technology provides for the delivery of dishes in a separate window;
• OneTwoDrive software solution , specially designed for the operational service of motorists;
• VDU system allows you to effectively interact between the kitchen and the hall, displaying the accepted orders on the monitor, thereby allowing the kitchen to immediately begin cooking;
• The “ End of Queue ” technology helps to quickly serve visitors without creating a queue for accepting orders using portable terminals, and only pay at the checkout;