The r_keeper program is a universal restaurant management tool, and thanks to its functionality and flexible settings, it adapts to any business format: coffee shop, bar, pastry shop, small cafe.
Thanks to the two basic modules included in the solution – cash register r_keeper_CashDesk and managerial r_keeper_Manager, the main processes of the institutions are managed efficiently and without extra costs, taking into account the specifics of the project formats, as well as for institutions with a capacity of up to 50 people. The selection of equipment for the automation of a small cafe or bar takes place individually, taking into account the characteristics of each particular institution, based on the tasks and needs that are planned to be solved with the help of r_keeper.
The optimal solution for a beginner business project is a modern, cloud-based solution – r_keeper_cloud . The modularity of this system allows you to solve almost any business problem: keep a complete record in the institution, control the main areas of activity, provide an individual approach to each guest, and also present the most necessary reports in a timely manner.