The Cash Management application is designed to track cash flows inside a restaurant.

The program greatly simplifies the daily collection procedure by automatically generating a cover sheet for the collection bag and the report forms of the cashier-operator KM-6 and KM-7. All documents provide for the indication of correspondents and the names of safes, the name of the operator who carried out the transfer is recorded.

The Cash Management system takes into account the cash purchase volume at each storage location after the shift is closed, including not only cash, but also food coupons and coupons. The program displays on-line data on open mailboxes, a list of closed shifts. In the reporting part, information is available on the current status of safes, shortage of cashiers, cash collection for shifts and cash drawers, the status of safes for previous periods.

The Cash Management application is supplied free of charge as part of the managerial part of the R-Keeper v.7 system.

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