What problem does the product solve?

Online access to key restaurant performance indicators from a smartphone and PC online

How Dashboard is useful for a network manager or restaurant manager:

  • reduction of losses from the actions of personnel in the restaurant due to operational monitoring of the actions of employees, including suspicious operations;
  • monitoring of revenue, number of guests, average bill and other indicators of the restaurant for timely management decisions;
  • visualization of the dynamics of the main indicators of the restaurant;
  • online data availability via mobile devices.




Managers and owners:

  • analytics on key indicators online (average check, revenue, number of guests);
  • tracking staff performance (changing the average bill, speed of service);
  • monitoring of suspicious operations of personnel (cancellation of a bill, removal of dishes, application of discounts);
  • sales analytics (top-selling dishes, categories).



  • accessibility through a browser on mobile phones (adaptive design), tablets and desktop;
  • based on the standard IA reporting mechanism and compatible with the latest r_leeper versions ;
  • built-in hint system;
  • Widget settings and their location are automatically saved, you can customize your Dashboard as you like.

Architecture and Licensing

  • The Dashboard web application is licensed , which connects to the Report Server database;
  • The Dashboard Standard license is independent of the number of restaurants that upload data to this report server.

Use cases

  • During the day, the manager on his laptop will be able to track changes and view detailed web reports;
  • On the way to work, on the telephone, the manager can check the reports for yesterday and make a decision;
  • If you set a plan for the main indicators in the r_keeper settings , then in real time you can monitor how far the restaurants deviate from the planned indicators or from the previous week;
  • In the office, you can run Dashboard on a big screen – it will be updated in real time and show the situation in your restaurants.


Development plans

  • creation of universal widgets with the ability to select the data display format;
  • reports store_house , reports Delivery
  • expanding the line of widgets for open orders (replacing Webmonitoring );
  • Event notifications
  • Uploading report results to other data formats (Excel);
  • transfer of other reports into a single format and a single center.

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