A new popular trend in the direction of fast food is customer service in Drive-Thru format, this service format assumes that the client can place an order and receive it without leaving his car.

 In the R-Keeper system for the implementation of Drive-Thru technology, the “3 windows” operating mode is organized:
  • The first window is placing an order. Through the intercom, the client reports his order to the operator, the operator enters the order into the system. For added comfort, a guest monitor can be installed that will broadcast the order, the total amount and, for example, show commercials and current promotions.
  • The second window is payment for the order. At the operator’s station, the order is raised automatically, which significantly reduces the service time
  • The third window is the issuance of the order. Here the main VDU monitor is installed, on which the order is visible. In addition, VDU displays are located at cooking points.


The R-Keeper Drive Thru system is installed and successfully operates in the restaurants “KFC-Auto”, “Burger King”, “Macburger” (points at the Neftymagistral gas station)
 R-Keeper Drive-Thru System Configuration: 
  • Setting up receiving stations (OT)
    • Auto table selection
    • Second screen
  • Set up payment stations (CS)
    • Auto opening orders
  • Configuring VDU in the output window
  • Configure VDU in the kitchen

Using the solution:

  • Acceptance of an order from
  • Payment order for CS
  • Order Issue
  • Order parking

Options for receiving an order: 

  • Reception window
  • Booth
  • Mobile terminal

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