UCS has created a new technology for users of the R-Keeper v.7 system –
menu boards

Our company offers the implementation and customization of menu boards. Menu-boards represent a technology that allows you to display the current menu, special offers, advertising information and other information for guests of the institution. This is an automated solution that is suitable for bars, cafes, fast food restaurants.

Key features

Menu boards allow you to:

  • display information on any screen – a plasma or LCD panel, Full HD TVs;
  • quickly change information and make adjustments to the menu during the day through the manager module;
  • to distribute categories of goods (dishes, drinks, desserts) on different monitors;
  • to attract the attention of visitors to specific dishes, special offers;
  • automate the output of data that differ depending on the time of day (breakfast, lunch, lunch, etc.), the day of the week, the period of the action.

The menu board is a real helper for fast food restaurants – cafes, pizzerias, etc. The buyer will be able to quickly determine the choice of dishes, and this means an increase in restaurant throughput. The information displayed on the screen can solve a whole range of marketing problems – from drawing attention to specific positions to informing about current promotions and discounts. Increasing the number of impulsive purchases and increasing the average receipt of a cafe or pizzeria – all this also allows you to do digital menu boards.

The system also acts as an advertising medium – a bright menu board stands out among signboards and lightboxes in the halls of shopping centers, which ensures a constant flow of visitors.


The distinctive features of digital menu boards include:

  • Implementation of the “Dynamic Menu-Boards” technology. You can centrally manage the information displayed on the screen from the manager part of the R-Keeper software.
  • Managing the menu of not only one institution, but the whole network. You can centrally make changes to menus and advertisements on menu boards installed in different areas of the city or even in different cities.
  • Ability to automate the display of information on the screen. In the R-Keeper software package, you can set the parameters for changing the menu – time of day, weekday or weekend, day of the week, region and location of the institution, etc.
  • Support for multiple screens. It is possible to display information on several screens.

The system comes with a standard screen design suitable for most establishments and fast-food restaurant chains. However, UCS specialists are ready to develop an individual design in accordance with the wishes of the customer. This will allow you to personalize menu boards, increase the recognition of your cafe or restaurant.


The main advantages of digital menu boards are:

  • The “Dynamic Menu-Boards” system is part of R-Keeper v.7 – you do not need to buy the complex separately.
  • Standard scenarios and animated effects are already provided in the delivery set of menu boards.
  • Basic design for coffee houses, burger outlets, sushi restaurants.
  • The ability to develop an individual screen design.

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