The technology “end of line” allows you to increase the speed of service and keep visitors in large queues.

It is especially relevant for “fast foods”, which are located in crowded places or are subject to periodic “influx” of guests.

The solution allows using portable terminals to accept orders from customers who are in the queue, and only pay at the checkout counter. Due to the possibility of receiving orders through the operator, and not only at the stationary cash desks, the time of their processing is reduced and the number of “lost” guests who are not ready to wait long is reduced. As a result, sales and the number of loyal visitors are growing.
The decision “end of line” consists of:
  • Waiters’ mobile terminals – a modern replacement for paper notebooks that allows you to make an order in the system quickly and without errors;
  • Card with order numbers and a QR code (optional, as a separate marketing component).
The solution allows you to take orders at the end of the queue through an operator who enters them into the R ‑ Keeper automation system using a mobile terminal. At the same time, guests can be issued cards with numbers and QR codes of the original design. Saved orders are opened at the checkout by number or code, the customer only has to pay. If the cook’s monitors are installed in the restaurant’s kitchen, the orders accepted through the operator can be displayed in a separate queue.
The most popular product is most commonly used as mobile terminals – iPodTouch 4 or 5 from Apple.
Unlike the 4th version, iPodTouch 5 has a large 4-inch screen, which makes it even more convenient to select dishes and make an order on a mobile device. In addition, the new model is thinner and lighter (weighs only 88 g). And in terms of power, it surpasses the model of the previous generation. The iPodTouch 5 comes with a hand strap, which is very conveniently attached to the case.
With the new model, restaurateurs have the opportunity to choose the color of the device that is most suitable for the institution’s design – the 5th generation iPodTouch case comes in five colors: yellow, pink, light silver, blue, black (the front panel is black only in the latter case, in all the rest is white).
The solution also works on devices Apple iPhone 4 and above.

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