The USIES company has developed a new solution in the field of event video surveillance with analysis of cash transactions.

Features of the event video surveillance system:
  • Providing full control over the entire restaurant remotely from anywhere in the world in on-line mode. The system does not require any special software, you can use a convenient mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) using a web browser, select various viewing schemes in which images from a selected number of cameras will be displayed on the screen simultaneously.
  • Organization of continuous monitoring of the production process at the enterprise. Depending on the settings and the place of their installation, the workplace of a cashier, waiter or bartender, a cash register, a serviced table with visitors, a receipt printer and a punch-in receipt in real time may fall into the field of view of cameras. Video recording is conducted continuously, the volume of discs that we recommend provides information storage for a month.
  • Suppression of unlawful actions on the part of employees and discipline of personnel. The event video surveillance system allows you to monitor in detail the actions of personnel in the restaurant hall and at the checkout, both in real time and after the closing of the cash day, to quickly identify and prevent any abuse. All actions of the cashier (waiter, bartender) at the cash register are recorded by the restaurant’s accounting system, so you can directly refer to the video sequence associated with the selected event directly from the accounting system.
  • Obtaining reliable marketing information – occupancy of the room at various hours, speed of service for guests, etc. How does the event video surveillance system work:
  • Any actions performed at the cash register are recorded by the system and displayed in text format, in the form of captions. The text is automatically combined with the video image, so you can view the record, accompanied by captions, while receiving a complete protocol of all operations in the cash zone.

The credits are fixed:

    • Data on working with the current order: adding dishes, deleting, setting discounts, etc.
    • Data on service checks, paid bills indicating change and currencies used
    • System information for all operations performed at the cash desk with orders: opening, saving, deleting
    • Operations performed by room managers: registration, deregistration, viewing reports, deletions, transfers, etc.
    • By default, all “suspicious” events also fall here (canceling an order, deleting a dish, refund, applying a club card, etc.)
  • Thanks to events recorded using captions, video frames are sorted and updated. Thus, at any time you can view the video you are interested in. The manager, the owner of the restaurant or the security service, including remotely, can monitor the actions of personnel, both on-line and post-factum, referring to video images classified by certain events.
  • The system works with all IP-cameras with MJPEG support and is easily integrated into the R-Keeper automation system already functioning in the restaurant.

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