Why do discount cards no longer work?
Why SMS messages do not bring guests?
How to use the guest base?

The most important thing in working with guest loyalty:

Modern standards of service suggest that the main thing is an individual approach to each guest.
It is necessary to carefully divide the guest base into segments. Analyze the behavior of visitors, send targeted marketing offers only to those who really need them. This method became the basis of the new restaurant marketing technology Marketing _ from r _ keeper.

Main functions:

  • Grouping restaurant guests using different indicators. At the same time, you can apply multiple filters to segment the base. That is, thanks to the Marketing desktop solution, you can distinguish, for example, all guests who celebrate Birthday in the spring, are students and love pasta, send them an invitation to taste the new Italian menu by SMS or invite them in person (by phone).
  • Tagging guests . You can assign any tags to guests for database segmentation.
  • Setting up guest lists for SMS distribution, e-mail distribution, and calling.
  • Analysis of the history of visits by a specific guest, the study of information on his orders and checks.
  • Formation of a flexible discount program that will be targeted at each guest individually. This can be automatic mailings with increasing discounts on birthdays or setting up various schemes for providing discounts in each restaurant of one holding.

Why exactly Marketing Desktop?

  • Easy to use: does not require a separate specialist
  • Web interface that allows you to work from anywhere in the world
  • Easy to install: remote connection
  • Integrated with your r_keeper cash system
  • Off-line mode: you can work in the absence of Internet
  • Integration with SMS services


The UCS DATA center hosts REF SERVER + DB.
The restaurant hosts CASS + RK.
UCS DATA center hosts SERVER + DB.
The restaurant uses the MARKETING DESKTOP app.


In the absence of the Internet, the MARKETING DESKTOP module can work autonomously; the Internet is needed for the following changes:

  • Updating the status and guest level from the cloud to the cashier
  • Transferring guest transaction data from the cashier to the cloud
  • Entering new customer information


Package Limitations:

  • 5 tags. In the basic package, you can tag all guests, but you can assign a maximum of 5 tags to each guest
  • Maximum 100,000 guests using the Base package, it is possible to register no more than 100,000 guests
  • Guest ID: The guest ID is plastic cards. All data about
  • guests start from the questionnaire, which the guest fills in the restaurant

The cost of the BASE PACKAGE can be checked with our specialists!


  • Group editing: guest settings can be applied to groups
  • Automatic tagging: tagging a guest through analysis of his checks
  • Work with marketing campaigns: from profitability modeling to online monitoring
  • Integration with Unisender: helps with one-click mailing.

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