As a rule, the inventory at public catering enterprises is carried out at least once a month, however, with the introduction of an inventory automation system, the intervals can be shortened, and a separate product line can also be specially tracked.


Inventories still use paper forms, which are filled in manually. It is well known that this procedure is a very time-consuming and lengthy process, therefore, the USIES company pro
poses to use the new technology “mobile inventory”, which will automate the inventory, namely:
  • reduce the time of accounting for goods to a minimum;
  • completely eliminate errors during data transfer;
  • make the inventory process less labor intensive.
The Mobile Inventory technology is based on the principle of portable media for data collection, the information from which goes directly to the program for automated warehouse accounting. Mobile inventory can be made using various types of stand-alone handheld devices.
Mobile inventory with data collection terminal 
The data collection terminal is a high-performance handheld computer with a laser barcode scanner. Handheld terminals are used to collect, process and transmit data in a large volume of information.
Terminal models differ:
  • compact size;
  • low weight;
  • large memory for 18,000 items;
  • super low power consumption (more than 100 hours of work without recharging).
Work technology 
In the program for maintaining warehouse records, all goods are pre-assigned barcodes. Then all this nomenclature is uploaded to the data collection terminal. Further, the employee responsible for conducting the inventory needs to scan the bar code and enter the quantity of goods manually or scan as many times as the number of items to be entered (depending on the terminal model). Then the information goes into the warehouse accounting program. For example, it can be uploaded as an invoice to the StoreHouse program.
Using an autonomous terminal, you can not only automate the inventory, but also enter information on the arrival of goods, write off damage to products, service meals. Even in off-line mode, the terminal can process information on the quantity of goods.
Mobile inventory with OPTICON SMART terminal 
UCS has created an application for the software module for warehouse accounting StoreHouse v.4, which is integrated with the stand-alone data collection terminal OPTICON SMART, Cipher 8001.
The application for the SH4DCT program operates in the standard interface of the StoreHouse module. With its help, you can easily and quickly carry out the reception, shipment or movement of goods.
Thanks to the software option, the product range is unloaded from the StoreHouse database in the barcode / name / unit format and then you can work with the terminal offline. The weight of packaged products is read immediately from the barcode. After scanning, the data accumulated in the terminal, through the SH4DCT application, goes to StoreHouse, automatically creating the necessary reporting documents: receipt / expense invoice, internal movement document, collation statement.
Mobile inventory using a pocket PC
Automation of inventory using PDAs is similar. The list of goods and warehouses is transferred from the StoreHouse software module to the PDA. Further, using the PDA, you can conduct an offline inventory of goods in the warehouse. This information is sent back to StoreHouse as an invoice. The PDA application can only be used for inventory. Development was carried out on the iPAQ 4700. PDAs with Windows CE 4.21 are supported.

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