Complete set for launching a cafe or restaurant in 3 days

    • The kit includes:
    • R_keeper_Cloud software
    • from 3 300 rubles / month
    • POS terminal and fiscal registrar ATOL at a bargain price

Package Bonuses

    • Analytics and promotion as a gift (Plazius Marketing Cloud + SberFood – 6 months for free)
    • Favorable price of equipment (the price of equipment is only 44,000 rubles when subscribing for a year)
    • Technical support – 24/7: 3 months free of charge (further 1,500 rubles / month (when subscribing to r_keeper Cloud for 1 year), 3,000 rubles / month with monthly payment)


Business Automation System for Hospitality and Entertainment Market Professionals

  • The r_keeper_Cloud solution includes two basic modules: _Cashdesk and _Manager. They will take on all the routine work and allow your staff to focus on work with the guest.
  • The program of warehouse accounting StoreHouse will fully automate the process of production management in the institution.
  • And the loyalty system will provide an individual approach to each guest.
  • R_keeper_Cloud complete with ATOL cash register equipment is a necessary minimum to open a cafe or restaurant.





Functionality r_keeper_Cloud

  • Menu management
  • Reports and analytics
  • Inventory control
  • EGAIS Support
  • Cash Shifts
  • Payroll
  • Employee motivation
  • Loyalty program
  • 100% support for FZ-54

Benefits of using r-keeper_Cloud

  • Comfort payment Pay only for months when using r_keeper
  • Data storage 9 months of data storage, after the restaurant is stopped
  • Convenient for seasonal cafes. Great for seasonal cafes on the veranda or outdoor events.
  • Comfortable for implementation; Minimum hardware requirements
  • Operational support 24/7 technical support in different time zones
  • Security of your data High system reliability

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