UCS has developed a new self-service kiosk module for fast-food restaurants using the R-Keeper v.7 automation system.

In fast food restaurants, especially food courts, a self-service kiosk helps to effectively solve the queue problem during rush hours and ensures high throughput of the establishment.

Self-service kiosks are an effective service and have firmly entered modern life in various fields. This is still a novelty in the restaurant market, but in the future kiosks can almost completely replace cashiers and significantly reduce staff costs and cash register equipment.

The electronic kiosk menu is simple and convenient to use. The guest is provided with complete and always up-to-date information about dishes, including an understandable menu structure, colorful photographs and detailed descriptions. The kiosk menu can be presented in several languages, a language selection button is present on each screen. The program supports the use of modifiers; they can be either required or optional.

Independent choice of dishes at the terminal is more comfortable for the guest and stimulates to order more. Thanks to this, the use of a self-service kiosk allows you to increase the average bill in a restaurant.
In standby mode, advertising information, such as static images and dynamic clips, can be displayed on the kiosk screen.
The solution works in integration with the Electronic Queue technology. After paying for the order by the guest at the self-service terminal, the order immediately goes to production. The guest receives the finished order in the issuing area.

The self-service kiosk software module works with equipment from various manufacturers. It can be kiosks both desktop and floor. The kiosk menu is formed in the R-Keeper Manager program. Content can be changed as often as required. The design of the program is preinstalled. The color of the main elements on the screen of the kiosk the restaurant can change at your choice. At the request of the Customer, design refinement to individual requirements is possible.

Introducing the Touch Self-Service Kiosk!

  1. Large-scale industrial production in Korea
  2. The most elegant (slim) kiosk on the market
  3. Industrial motherboard
  4. Compatibility with various self-chekut software
  5. Service standard from our company
  6. Available in stock!

Self-service information kiosks – the highest quality of performance and operational reliability from the Hanasis Korea plant.

In modern times, self-service sensory information kiosks are gaining more and more popularity. Our company supplies sensory information terminals to the Russian markets. These devices provide many advantages for automating any sphere of trade, as they allow to reduce queues, increase the speed and quality of service, and also increase the cost of an average check due to the implementation of cross-sales. In addition, payment kiosks can be used as an advertising panel and marketing equipment for issuing coupons and promotional offers to the buyer.

Our site presents a model of the touch information terminal Super KIOSK M-215D, made in an elegant design with support for a 1D / 2D barcode scanner, comfortable paper replacement. The BrainPOS intelligent service platform can be installed on this touch information terminal. If you plan to buy an information kiosk, pay attention to this model. Its body is made of durable metal, the screen diagonal is 21.5 inches, there are 6 USB ports and 4 GB of internal memory. The equipment can be installed in a narrow space, it is fully certified and provided with a guarantee of the manufacturer.

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