With its help, the restaurant administrator or hostess can arrange the optimal seating of guests who have arrived without reservation, accept reservation orders and keep records of reserved tables.

Booking module: 

  • increases the efficiency of staff
  • increases the occupancy rate
  • favorably affects the image of the restaurant
  • increases guest loyalty
  • maximally reduces revenue losses during peak hours due to the prompt and most optimal distribution of seats during landing
Even the most popular establishments lose some of their visitors due to the human factor. An automated table reservation system will help solve this problem.
The module works with the plan of the hall, which is formed in the managerial part of the R-Keeper system, which allows you to set the individual parameters of the establishment and take them into account when booking (a table by the window, a large company, with a power point, etc.). The simple and intuitive interface of the module is equipped with a time scale and a calendar, it helps the operator quickly navigate the system and quickly select the table the client needs.
Free and reserved tables are differentiated by color program. In case of booking for a certain number of visitors, based on statistical data, the system automatically calculates the time that a table will be occupied and does not include it in the offer of free tables at the next reservation, until the table is vacated or the reservation is canceled. The “Search” option helps to quickly find the necessary reservation in the list by the first letters of the client’s name.
An additional guideline for predicting the time when tables are vacated are the labels that are assigned to the tables (for example: “the guest ordered dessert”, “the table is on cleaning”, etc.)
The developers have a special feature called “live queue”. This mode allows you to put a guest on a waiting list if there are no empty seats in the restaurant, while the hostess can voice the visitor the system’s expected waiting time. When the table is vacated, the system automatically generates and sends an SMS notification to the guest.
The table reservation module provides for operation on terminals with a touch screen or tablet PCs with Windows OS and is an application to the R-Keeper system.

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