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UCS offers a new mobile solution for automating the reception of orders directly at the guest table and transferring them to the system on-line.

The solution “mobile waiter” provides a significant reduction in ticket time and increase in restaurant turnover by at least 10%. This is a modern replacement for the waiter’s paper notebooks, allowing you to make an order to the system quickly and without errors.

This solution is budgetary and simply irreplaceable for serving business lunches and a massive influx of guests, as it reduces the time for receiving and receiving an order in the system, increases the speed of service and the turnover of tables.

The terminal works via WiFi and is ideal for summer areas of restaurants or halls, where for one reason or another it is difficult to lay cables for connecting a stationary terminal.

We offer portable terminals as an end-of-line solution for fast foods. It is especially relevant for establishments that are located in crowded places or are subject to periodic “influx” of guests.

Mobile terminal on iOS devices: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad-mini

UCS launched the IOS-based waiter’s terminal on the market in February 2012, and about 1,000 licenses were sold in the first 4 months. It is used in many famous restaurants and cafes: Planet Sushi, IL Patio, Chocolate Girl, Tanuki, Rice Ninja, Oki Doki, Niyama, Wabi Sabi and others.

The RkMobWaiter (Mobile Waiter software) for iOS devices  can be downloaded for free from the App Store 

 Mobile terminal on Android devices

In December 2015, UCS introduced the long-awaited new product to the market – the version of the “Mobile Waiter” for Android devices.

Download on GooglePlay

Since the market for Android devices is quite wide when choosing a device, we recommend that you consider the following minimum requirements:

  • The GPU is no worse than the Mali-400.
  • Frequency not less than 1.2 GHz.
  • The size of the processor RAM from 1 GB.
  • The software has been tested at the indicated resolutions and screen sizes. At other resolutions and sizes, the correct operation of the software is not guaranteed.
  • Using software on an advanced device (resolution, CPU parameters, etc.) will not necessarily give a performance boost.
  • It is better to use “clean” Android (without a shell from the manufacturer).



Mobile terminal manager

UCS offers users of the R-Keeper system an effective mobile solution – portable terminals for restaurant managers.

The software module “Mobile Manager” is an extended version of the software “Mobile Waiter”, to the functionality of which are added “managerial” functions:

  • change in the number of guests at the table;
  • closing an empty order;
  • Delete a dish from a saved order or transfer it to another order;
  • payment of the order in whole or in part (locally).

Such working moments as deletions, transfers, etc., happen daily and require a certain amount of time to call the manager to a stationary station for the operation.

“Mobile Manager” is a convenient and modern solution that will allow your restaurant to avoid unproductive losses and make staff work more efficient!

Mobile Manager software is implemented for devices with iOS operating systems (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) and Andriod 4.4.x with a 5-inch display (or more) and resolutions: 1270 * 720, 1920 * 1080.

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