The delivery service

R_keeper_7_Delivery is a software solution that automates the delivery service and helps to control the entire process of order execution from the moment it is received to the guest. The solution consists of two basic modules – “Operator” and “Dispatcher”, as well as two additional ones – “Courier station” and “Delivery agent”.

Module “Operator”

Module “Operator” allows you to automate the reception and transfer of orders to work.

Module features:
> receiving orders by phone, email or through the site;
> support for multi-channel incoming calls;
> the ability to deploy a call center for a restaurant chain;
> the ability to contact regular customers personally;
> saving multiple delivery addresses for one client;
> work with loyalty programs and promotions on delivery;
> the ability to place an order for a specific date and time;
> automatic selection of a delivery restaurant by delivery address;
> redirecting orders to other restaurants in the chain.

Module “Delivery Manager” Module “Delivery Manager”  – provides control over the execution of orders in the kitchen and management of couriers. Module features: > control of the status of orders and the process of their implementation; > management of the courier service; > convenient reports for personnel control and enterprise work planning  

The module includes a “Heat Map of Orders” and an online courier monitoring system. Both solutions are used in conjunction with the new Delivery Agent module.

The module “Heat Map of Orders” – makes it possible to identify the most and least active delivery areas and, based on the information received, develop targeted marketing campaigns.

The online monitoring system “ Courier Monitoring” – shows all the movements of the courier on the map, and the dispatcher always has data on his location and the status of the order.

Module “Courier Station”

The “Courier Station” module serves for independent choice by couriers of delivery orders from the list and the subsequent progress report after returning to the restaurant. The courier prints all the necessary documents with order data and takes him to the address.

Delivery Agent r_keeper_7_DeliveryAgent

The Delivery Agent module is a mobile application for the simplicity and convenience of delivery couriers.

Module features:
> automatically receives delivery tasks from the dispatcher;
> allows you to lay the optimal route taking into account traffic jams;
> provides the ability to quickly contact the customer directly from the program;
> allows the dispatcher to control the online delivery status on the map;
> mark on the implementation of the order at the time of delivery allows you to keep accurate; statistics on the performance of couriers;
> two modes of distribution of orders are available: the dispatcher assigns orders; couriers or courier choice of orders from all available;
> the courier can look at the list of available orders on the map and determine which orders are conveniently grouped into one delivery